Bonatla was listed in October 1997, and by 2000 had assembled a high quality portfolio of R800m. After an
uneventful period of external management by Catalyst, the board disposed of its entire property portfolio
to Momentum/Emira and returned 50c per share capital to shareholders.

A November 12th 2006 “Top 100” survey published in the Sunday Times showed that
Bonatla was rated as 7th overall with an 89.50% return on equity compound growth
 over 5 years. (I-Net Bridge Survey)

As the company had effectively become a cash shell following the sale of the portfolio, the JSE suspended
trading of the shares in accordance with their rules.

The company changed control and a new board took over in January 2005. Under the new leadership the
 company was restructured. Assets were assembled and a number of agreements were entered into for
 acquisitions and leasing transactions. Details of these were included in a circular to shareholders in August
 2009, and following approval of shareholders, the JSE lifted the suspension of the share on 17th August 2009.


The vision of the group is to be a significant investment and development enterprise in selective property market
segments, initially in local markets, but subsequently in offshore markets.

To focus on the development of industrial, leisure, mixed use and commercial properties, with a bias towards
providing state of the art technology based warehousing which will offer unique opportunities for value creation.


In fulfilling the vision, the group is committed to pursuing the following mission.

  • To deliver world-class products and services to clients and the market.
  • To exceed expectations on client service.
  • To empower, reward and retain competent employees.
  • To enhance shareholders' and stakeholders' value.
  • To abide by the Property Charter, and to work towards the objectives of the BBBEE initiative.


In order to fulfill our vision and achieve our mission, the group will, initially, adopt the following strategies.

  • To differentiate the group from traditional property development enterprises by acquiring and developing
     projects that will provide opportunities for above average returns.
  • To seek out non-traditional property and property related opportunities brought about by changes in the
     business infrastructure of the country, and developments in technology.
  • To identify development opportunities that become available through the changes in demographics and
    spending patterns in the country, and offshore.
  • To build a diversified property investment portfolio of properties held for rental which will provide above
    average returns.
  • To focus on development of leisure properties which cater to the burgeoning middle and upper classes that
     are looking for environments that suit their specific lifestyles.
  • To focus on industrial, commercial and retail developments that will be tailored to the changing purchasing
    and entertainment patterns of South Africa's changing population.
  • To focus on providing integrated solutions including warehousing space and imaging technology to the fast
    growing document storage and imaging industry, as South Africa has become the warehouse, storage and
    distribution centre for the continent.
  • To focus on integrating our technology based business into logistics and warehousing.
  • To provide project management, property sales and property management services to support the
  • development projects within the group.

Core Values

The group subscribes to the following core values in conducting its business

  • To operate in all instances with complete integrity and transparency
  • To strive for win/win long term relationships with all stakeholders.

Social Responsibility and Environmental Awareness

    The Group recognises that it is a member of the wider community and society, and accordingly will be
     conscious at all times to take into account the possible negative impact that its activities may have in
     this regard. It will also seek to enhance the lives of the members of society where possible in its
    development activities, and conduct the business in a socially responsible way, and contribute where
    relevant to uplifting socially deprived communities.


    The company is a LEVEL TWO CONTRIBUTOR. See the BEE certificate which can be downloaded. Emphasis is placed on promoting and assisting small business start-ups associated with the various business activities of the group. 








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